Your Nuggle Blanket Fabric Options are:

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Flower Fairies
Dragon Flies
Little Pink Pigs
Little Blue Pigs Razzle Dazzle Circus Clowns
Razzle Dazzle Stars
Razzle Dazzle Circus Animals
Bow Wow Buddies
Bow Wow Toys
Good Night Sweet Dreams
Oh! Baby
Autumn Bears
Little Duckies
Dalmatian Spots
Baa Baa
Cow Jumped Over the Moon
Cats and Dogs
Jungle Animals
Little Lambs Yellow
Pink Check
Red Check
Navy Check
Lilac Check
Blue Check
Lt. Green Check
Gliding Grizzlies
Great Outdoors
Lil' Cowgirl
Lil' Cowpoke
Rocket Science
Road Trip
Ride 'Em Blue
Aqua Hearts
Blue Hearts
Big Hearts

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